Since 1996, Paso Doble is known for its authentic Spanish tapas, cosy atmosphere and delicious Sangria in Amsterdam's Jordaan district. Following the delicious traditional tapas, the wines are from the better wine regions of Spain, such as La Rueda and La Rioja. In Paso Doble you will find the dishes just as "La abuela" prepared them when we were kids.

Discover yourself why Paso Doble has won the prize for the best Sangria in Amsterdam. Welcome to an authentic spanish cuisine experience.

We are cosy an intimate yet relatively small tapas bar. We recommend to make a reservation if you are planning to visit us on a weekend.

Opening hours Address Phone

Everyday  17.00 - 01.00

Saturday  12:00 - 01:00

Westerstraat 86, 1015MN

Amsterdam, Netherlands

(020) 421 26 70

Pan Tomaca & Jamón Serrano Pata Negra

The word tapas comes from the verb

They were invented a long time ago to cover the glasses with food to protect them from sand and dust.

Here are a few examples:


With garlic and fresh parsley

Fried mussels in an escabeche sauce

Amazing starter

Aceitunas Españolas

Fresh RAF tomato

Verduras Salteadas

Grilled seasonal vegetables.

Pescado Frito