Tapas Pescado

Fish Tapas

Tapas Pescado

Chopitos € 8

The delicious deep fried baby squid.

Pulpo € 8.50

Pulpo from the griddle.

Ceviche Catalana € 10

Fresh seabass, pulpo, gambas, lime, olive oil, olives, bell pepper.

Xipirones € 6.50

Squid from the grill, salsa verde.

Gambas al Ajillo € 7.50

Prawns infused in garlic and pimentón in a hot pot of olive oil with pepper and a little more garlic.

Gambas a la plancha € 7.50

Prawns from the griddle with lemon.

Boquerones fritos € 7.50

Deep fried fresh anchovies.

Pescadito frito € 9.50

Fresh fish, battered and deep fried.